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This is my MOBA game developped for HTC vive. It has single player (you can play against AI if you wish to) and It contains also Multiplayer against one person. Goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base. Take a look at the tutorial/game play videos as they might help you inderstand some mechanics.

There are two maps for multiplayer 

- wave practice - you play with another player

- new game where you play against another player


tutorial + practice map

You have two sides fighting against each other but because this is only a demo and you don't play against people, the more you progress the harder it is ( I hope it won't be too hard, if yes let me know) Enjoy !

Game Rules !Important!

To help you out you should know/follow few things

1 - When you see a bot try to hit the critical with a railgun, if you miss finish him off woth the grenade louncher ( do not waste precious railgun ammo if you don't do any damage)

2 - You can shoot grenades and rockets with your railgun.

3 - Collect pickups ( by shooting them down with a railgun )

4 - You can destroy cores that are spawned by dead bots with the grenade as well, this is helpful especially if there are a lot of them.

5 - Don't forget to spend your experience points and money in the shop ( open/close with the menu button)

6 - Once you get within the reach of a tower you will have straight rocket instead of grenades

7 - stay behind your bots, don't take creep damage for nothing unless you think you can kill them with a critical hit.

8 - if you like it or have some suggestions let me know I would love to hear some feedback.

Install instructions

Download the zip and run the file Velox.exe. I have added local and online leader board so if you wish to see your score online enable the game on your firewall.


velox_multiplayer_v021.zip 408 MB

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